1. 1
    5 pin Female Header 12" Cable for Arduino
    Code: MR008-001.1
    This 12" (300mm) long jumper cable is suitable to interface some of our products to an Arduino board.
  2. 2
    140-Piece Jumper Wire Kit
    Code: MR200-009
    This wire kit contains 140 pieces of wires #22 AWG solid, tinned copper, PVC insulated, stripped 1/4" and bent 90 degree on both ends for easy insertion.
  3. 3
    Flexible Jumper Wires 200mm M-M 10-Pack Multi Colors
    Code: MR200-035
    These flexible jumper wires are 24 awg wires with male terminations on both ends, for use with 0.1" (2.54 mm) male headers. These 8" (200mm) wires have multi color insulation and ship in packs of 10.
  4. 4
    3-pin JST 12" Cable
    Code: MR008-002.1
    This 12" (300mm) long 3-pin JST cable is composed of 3 conductors with a 0.1" (2,54mm) spacing female socket on one end and a 3-pin JST connector on the other end; is suitable to interface many devices that have interconnections via JST header.