1. 1
    SSOP28-SOIC28 to DIP Adapter
    Code: MR006-002.2
    The SSOP28-SOIC28 to DIP Adapter allows the mounting of 8-28 pin SSOP ICs and the mounting of 8-28 pin SOIC ICs; all the signals are broken out through two 0,1” DIP standard spacing headers.

Top Sellers

  1. 1
    Digital Distance Sensor with GP2Y0D810Z0F
    Code: MR003-004.2
  2. 2
    Digital Temperature Sensor with TCN75A
    Code: MR003-001.2
  3. 3
    Relay Module
    Code: MR009-001.2
  4. 4
    Serial Adapter RS232/TTL 3-5,5V
    Code: MR002-001.2
  5. 5
    Ambient Light Sensor - TEMT6000
    Code: MR003-008.2