1. 1
    Easy Motor Controller V2
    Code: MR001-003.2
    The Easy Motor Controller allows to control the speed and the direction of rotation of a DC motor through three different possible inputs: analog (potentiometer), radio control RC, I2C digital communication. Includes management of the limit switches
  2. 2
    Linear Actuator  IP54 100mm 12V 1.5cm/s 50Kg
    Code: MR103-001
    High performance IP54 Linear Actuator, the engine has a metal gearbox, a dynamic load rating of 50kg and a maximum speed of 1.5cm / s. Two limit switches safely stop the motor at either end of its range.
  3. 3
    Relay Shield V2
    Code: MR007-002.2
    The Relay Shield is an Arduino compatible module that provides an easy way to control high voltage thanks to 4 independent channels equipped with photo-coupled mechanical relays preassembled on the board. The maximum switching power is 1250VAac or 150Wdc
  4. 4
    MiniRover 4WD Chassis V2
    Code: MR100-001.2
    The Microbot MiniRover 4WD Chassis V2 is the ideal choice for those who want to begin exploring the exciting world of robotics by experimental practice.
  5. 5
    MMA8451Q 3-axis Digital Accelerometer
    Code: MR003-010.1
    The Freescale MMA8451Q 3-axis accelerometer is a great low-g sensor with I2C digital port and adjustable sensitivity (±2g, ±4g or ±8g).
  6. 6
    Dual DC Motor Driver 4A V3
    Code: MR001-004.3
    This powerfull DC motor driver can drive motor up to 30V and 4Amax. It has direction leds for help testing operations.